Advanced Analytics

The advances in technology have led to the explosion of data that is being collected to run the business. However, the additional data has posed more challenges and crippled businesses to turn this data to describe, predict, and improve business performance. Enterprises are now moving towards Advanced Analytics, a multi-dimensional discipline to discover meaningful patterns in the data. A recent study indicates 84% of enterprises believe that the big data will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries in the near future. The study also shows that many corporations are making an investment majority in their time in evaluation and simply 13% are the usage of huge records analytics to predict effects, and only 16% the use of their analytics programs to optimize methods and strategies.Moving beyond analysis to predictive analytics and optimization is the upside potential that majority of the C-level see as essential to stay competitive in their industries in future.

Our Analytics team delivers Business Intelligence Strategy, Enterprise Performance Management – converting the strategic objectives of an organization into clear measurable performance metrics, Architect, Implement (design, build and test) and maintain Enterprise Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence / Analytics solutions.

We have expertise in Upgrade and Performance tuning in making the best of your BI platform. Handles SAP HANA Development, Modelling and DB Migrations, BI CoE for Maintenance & Support and Big Data CoE. Our Analytics Centre of Excellence (ACoE)’s primary charter is about enabling transformation along the information value chain: “Raw Data -> Aggregated Data -> Intelligence -> Insights -> Decisions -> Operational Impact -> Financial Outcomes -> Value creation.”

Reliance Global Services has assisted enterprises in building an ACoE with key focus on Adoption, Refinement and Continuous Improvements as key success factors. Reliance Global Service brings a hybrid model of “right source/right shore” that provides the control that is needed for the enterprises, but allows them to leverage the benefits of access to the expertise quickly and on demand while reducing the cost. Our process based focus and the record of managing and maintaining the service level agreement combined with the proactive approach in addressing the potential issues and reducing the down time of valid data accessibility enabled us to bring significant value. Our broad based approach of engaging the right resources consisting of business analysts, data analysts, developers, statisticians, technical team consisting of administrators and ETL specialists reduces the cost but improves the productivity, quality, innovation and speed.

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