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Reliance Global understands, “Envisage” & Conceive the Project theme. When we Replenish the whole Project study into working methodology, we derive at various “Optimization” techniques to meet the Clients Project requirement.

Reliance Global depends on Envisaging, Replenishing & Optimization of the Project


Reliance Global provides IT consulting division of Reliance Global provides assistance to the Clients for their Continually changing IT & SAP Environments and improve their Effectiveness & efficiency by adopting advanced versions, technologies, Methodologies, Cross-platform and multi usage soft wares` & platforms.

Reliance Global Consulting includes

  • Analyze SAP business and/or technology problems and identify and design platform-based solutions. We also assist our clients in planning their SAP & Non-SAP initiatives and transition plans.
  • SAP consulting engagements are often addressed with SAP Standards and often leverage proprietary frameworks and tools to differentiate our services and to accelerate delivery.
  • SAP Roadmaps, SEI(Strategic Enterprise Information) Roadmap framework.
  • Our Services from Initiation to Roll out consists of High definition protocols and Business Process Visualization tools.
  • Reliance Global GDM(Global Delivery Model) differentiates itself with others
  • Reliance Global On-Site Solutions includes, Pre-Project Analysis, Blue Print, Project Development / Configuration, User Testing , User Training, Post Support, Roll-Out in different locations etc.,
  • Reliance Global Offshore Solutions includes Joint efforts with Onsite teams to design and expand the conceptual solution, research alternatives, perform detailed analyses, develop models, prototypes and proofs-of-concept and produce detailed reports. This is the best Offshore Reliance Global practice approach which reduces cost, allows us to explore more alternatives in the same amount of time and improves the quality of our deliverables.


Our technology implementation services involve SAP building, testing and deploying applications, consolidating and rationalizing our clients’ existing applications and IT environments

Our Unique & recommended technology implementation services are typically characterized by

  • Short delivery cycles
  • Stringent services levels
  • Incorporation of rapid, iterative development techniques into our approach
  • Perfect and accurate prototyping,
  • Solution demonstrations using different tools that enable to work closely with our clients


Reliance Global provides a broad set of SAP Application outsourcing services that enable to provide comprehensive support for our clients’ software applications and platforms.

We believe that our application outsourcing services are different because they are based on the principle of migrating installed applications to flexible platforms that can sustain further growth and business change.

We do this by:

  • Developing a Roadmap for the evolution of applications into platforms
  • Establishing an ongoing planning and governance process for managing change
  • Analyzing applications for common patterns and
  • Identifying application components that can be extended or enhanced as core components
  • Integrating new functions, features and technologies into the target architecture
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