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Reliance’s proprietary RELUPGRADE is a unique tool that makes SAP upgrades much faster and easier than ever before

RELUPGRADE cost-effectively sizes and analyses your upgrade project before it begins, reducing the total cost by 40% compared to traditional upgrade process. It details the data you need to intelligently plan, budget and manage you SAP upgrade. And it does so in days, not in months with no downtime and no disruption to your current environment

Using RELUPGRADE, you SAP consultants advise you in advance about potential upgrade problem areas including their magnitude and how long they would take to rectify. RELUPGRADE simulates an upgraded environment and perform a Comprehensive pre-upgrade assessment to analyze the effort across development, BASIS and functional areas of your SAP system – without changing any data, Configurations or ABAP code in your live environment

Reliance uses the RELUPGRADE assessments to provide you with analysis, project schedule and deliverables for your SAP project. In the upgrade realization phase, we use RELUPGRADE tool as a workbench to start repair work on the objects with errors, navigating to the exact line of code where the error is encountered and saving you considerable amount of time and money in the process.

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